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APHC # 677411



né le 03/04/2014

Sire : Sully Tom Cat, fils de Sully Kid Bandit et de Sully Scarlett, 100% Sully Lines of Lee Warne, South Dakota

Dam : Peyres Diamond Goer





100 % Sully Lines


of Lee Warne, South Dakota

Black few spotted léopard Appaloosa stallion,

APHC # 610389, foaled the 27/05/2000,

Sire : Sully Kid Rowdy, son of Sully Rowdy, léopard, breeder Lee Warne, South Dakota, USA and of Sully Kid Bandit, near léopard, breeder Lee Warne, South Dakota, USA.

Dam : Sully Scarlet daughter of Sully Classic, near léopard, breeder Lee Warne, South Dakota.

Pourcentage FPD de Sully Tom Cat : 100 %

Bloodlines 100 % "Sully" horses, descendants de Bambi E fils de Sundance 500 linebreed Hollywood Tom Cat, linebreed Sully Lancer, linebred Hollywood Plaudit, Sully Sunshine, Sully Pattern,

5 x SUNDANCE F 500 (1933),

F 4090 Peeper’s Shamrock (1957), 2 x F 1833 Siri Shiek (1945), 5 x F 502 Woodrow Shiek (1944),

Chico the dam of Sundance F 500 was a black appaloosa with dapples spots from Navajo Indian Stock.

"Wyoming léopards : this group of léopards horses claim such descendants as Sundance F 500, Ben Lowe, Bambi E, Sunspot Revel and a host of modern winners. This colorful group of léopard spotted Appaloosas are merely descendants of Chief Joseph’s Stock that the army dispersed in this area following the Nez Perce surrender in Oktober of 1877." source The Complete Book of the Appaloosa by Jan Haddle (first Edition)


Peyres Diamond Goer


"Tracing back 5 x to REX, a direct product of

Sam Fisher’s colorful herd,

to Apache and Patchy with Goer and The

Executive héritage"

APHC # 601399, foaled the 07/06/2001,

Sire : JW Panic Power, grandson of Ten X and of Diamond Smuggler, double bred Prince Plaudit and Go Bay Go,

Dam : JW Miss Champagne, léopard, double bred Goer, world champion halter and pleasure

Pedigree of Peyres Diamond Goer

Champions USA :

Ten-X (World Champion), The Executive (Hall of Fame Award),

Diamond Smuggler (Superior Halter Sire),

Paragone (ROM Sire),

Panic Power (Superior Halter Sire),

Abdull’s Pok-A-Son (World Halter and Performance Champion),


2 x GOER (Hall of Fame),

King Plaudit,

Wyalta Papa Red Bird (Superior Halter Award),

Bright Eyes Goer (World Champion),

The Revenue Man,

Sonny Jo Leo (Performance ROM),

Foundations USA :

F 1490 Ace High (1953),

F 426 Two Tone (1948),

F 423 Sally Two (1944),

F 3559 High Spot,

F 2019 Red Eagle’s Mark of the 1001 (1958) ,

F 209 Red Eagle (1946),

F 507 Strip (1947), F 150 Barrendo Red (1942), Skeezix ,

STARBUCK LEOPARD, F 167 Léopard Lady (1937),

F 1388 Three N Rex (1952), F 688 Chief Joseph Rex (1940),

F 1140 Ferguson’s Dinah (1942), F 1130 Ferguson’s Snowflake (1936),

F 1644 Storm Cloud F (1954), F 209 Red Eagle, F 1643 Maize,

F 2064 Pale Moon B (1956), F 1681 Buttons B (1950), F 2040 Snowdrift B (1951),

3 x F 849 ABDULL (1938),

F 1607 Apache II (1951), F 730 APACHE (1942), F 1679 Shavano (1955), F 1380 Patchy Jr (1952), PATCHY F 416 (1939), Patches,

F 1678 Blossom (1945),

F 167 Léopard Lady (1937), SUNDANCE F 500 (1933), F 3047 Bright Eyes Brother,

F 1490 ACE HIGH (1953) ,

F 426 Two Tone (1948) , F 322 ZébraPal(1943),

F 423 Sally Two (1944), F 201 Pal (1937)

A "F" prefix denoted foundation stock. This system was in use until 1949 when the books were partially closed. The foundation books closed with the issuing of F 4932.

Foundation "F" 1 is a mare name Babe, foaled 1925, breeder Claude J. Thompson, Oregon.

Chevaux indiens :

F 4108 Sally Calico (1951) : 4 x REX,

F 4107 Chicago (1944) by REX

"REX is a direct product of Sam Fisher’s colorful herd. Sam Fisher was a member of the Palouse Tribe, a smaller part of the Nez Perce Tribe, located in Washington along the Snake River. His lifetime interest was to breed colorful horses as his forefathers had done. Nowhere could you find a more purely bred, undiluted strain of Palouse Horses than those descending from his herd" source TheComplete Book of the Appaloosa, by Jan HADDLE (First Edition) cliquez ici

SUNDANCE F 500 (1933),

Appaloosa x Appaloosa , Appaloosas number in the preceding generations

27 Appaloosas of 30 horse in 5 générations.

51 Appaloosas of 62 horses in 5 générations.


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